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Chia Seed Drink

Chia seed drinks that you buy at the store are expensive.  A 10 oz bottle of a MamaChia brand bottle is around $3.50 or $1.25 for just over a Cup! Make your own for only $0.50

A 22 oz bottle of Chia Seeds (Badia brand) is about $5.87 and will make three of the carafes (18 C) of the recipe below.

Combine a serving size (1 C of the bloomed seeds) with a C from a 64 oz bottle of 100% Juice (Old Orchard brand, about $2.08 a bottle) and you are at a per Cup cost of less than $0.40.

Obviously you don’t have to make a glass of 2 whole cups. Just create a beverage size of your choice with equal amounts of the bloomed Chia Seeds and your choice of Juice.