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1st Blog Site Ever?

Back in the day (March 30, 1997 – there were only 100 blogs in 1997!) I started an on-line diary of a business dispute where a business partner of mine had engaged in Forgery and Embezzlement against me and our company.  I took down the Company’s original Website since we were no longer in business and used the new site to vent my spleen and to keep customers informed of what was happening with the company.

Little did I know then that this type of “activity” would get a name (in 1999) “Blogging” and become a huge world-wide phenomenon with it’s places like My Space and Facebook.

I later sold the domain name to another company in the midwest that had our same name and moved a copy of the original site here for posterity 🙂

Telling the sordid history of SplashPools.com

The Original site 1996!

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