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This is a site for me. If you stumbled across it fine. Enjoy looking around. Maybe you’ll learn something that will adjust your world view from that of the rest of the lemmings on the left and right.

The articles posted here are either monologues or email exchanges on topics I find interesting. Because the writing is generaly “stream of consciences” there are probably spelling and grammer errors in every paragraph (or even sentence!). I don’t care – this site is for me.

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Tyler and I displaying our 1958 Triumph TR3 at the Highland Games in Mesa, AZ (1998 or 1999?)

Debate with a denier. Are Mormons Christian?

It is always entertaining to have someone try and define you based on their belief and if you don’t believe the same way they do that you can’t be a member of the same “club” because his “faction” made up some new rules.  The following was an exchange on FB going round and round on the issue of can Mormons be considered “Christian” if they don’t march in step with those that accept the “Trinity” Doctrine as put forward by a 4th Century Non-Christian Roman Emperor.

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Pork & Mushroom Egg Foo Yong

Key to this is timing and to help that is having the prep done before you start as well as having the ingredients for each phase ready to go. Could easily substitute other proteins in place of the pork. Use Chicken, Shrimp, etc... Also could use additional veggies like bean sprouts, water chestnuts, etc..

Indian Pudding

This is a recipe that my Mom got from the old Howard Johnson's chain when we were kids. It truly is a "comfort" food and is great on crisp fall evenings. It will remind you of a warm pumpkin pie

Korean Steamed Eggs

Korean Steamed Eggs

If you like nice fluffy eggs you’ll want to give this dish a try.  Super easy and super quick to make – Less than 10 minutes start to finish

The eggs come out so light and fluffy they make an omelet or quiche look like they are made of lead.

Think of this as being like a cross between an Omelet and Chicken Noodle soup (minus the noodles).

When the “Left” blames the “GOP”

I find it quite humorous when Liberal/Progressives say things like “the GOP has ruined America” or even think they are being “balanced” by saying that both sides bare blame.

I offer the following rejoinder and after doing so I get met with the sound of crickets since their is not much they can say.

Ummm…. The GOP have not controlled the County the Dem’s have. The laws that control the Country are written, debated and passed by the Legislature.

If one party simultaneously controlled the legislative Houses of Congress for 63% of the time since Ike was inaugurated might that party be a bit more culpable for the laws rather than the party that only had control for 20% of the time

Note that half (6 years) of the 20% of the time that Congress was controlled by the GOP was during Clinton’s term so that should put in perspective how little they have had control of those levers of power.

To drive home the point after Ike’s second year through the rest of his term, across the Kennedy/Johnson years, Nixon/Ford Years and the Carter years the Dems had a lock on Congress. For a short six years under Reagan Congress was split but then the Dems took over again for the last two years of Reagan and all of Bush I.

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