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Week 10 – PSMF Diet and Resulting Weight Loss

The following table lists the meals I had on this diet and the weight that the scale showed in the AM (before breakfast). 04/25/09 – 05/01/09

Diet - Week 10

4/25/20091pmHome3 oz Turkey16 oz Diet Rite182
2 oz LettuceSmall
1 oz Pico de Gallo
5pmChurch2 oz Grilled Chicken16 oz Water
1 oz Salad
9pmHome8 oz Turkey16 oz Diet Rite
9 oz Lettuce16 oz Diet Rite
4/26/20095pmHome10 oz Pork Loin16 oz Diet Rite182
6 oz TomatoSmall
1 oz Onion
3 oz Carrots
10pmHome3 oz Pork loin16 oz Diet Rite
3 oz Carrots
4/27/20098amHome3 oz Carrots16 oz Diet Rite182
5pmHome4 oz Pork Loin16 oz Diet RiteSmall
3 oz Tomato
3 oz Onion
8pmHome6 oz Carrots
10pmHome9 oz Pork Loin16 oz Diet Rite
4/28/20098amHome3 oz Pork loin16 oz Diet Rite180
7pmHome9 oz Turkey16 oz Diet Rite
7 oz Lettuce16 oz Diet Rite
10pmHome7 oz Tomato
4/29/20099am2 oz Turkey16 oz Diet Rite179
2 oz Lettuce
2pmCarlsLow Carb Burger16 oz Water
6pmHome6 oz Chicken16 oz Diet Rite
5 oz Tomato16 oz Diet Rite
3 oz Onion
10pmHome2 oz Turkey16 oz Diet Rite
2 oz Lettuce
4/30/20098amHome2 oz Turkey16 oz Diet Rite179
2 oz Lettuce
3pmHome1 oz Turkey16 oz Diet Rite
6pmHome8 oz Flat iron Steak16 oz Water
6 oz Onions
9pmHome1 C Carrots16 oz Water
5/1/20098amHome2 oz Flat iron steak16 oz Water178
1 oz Onion
3pmHome2 oz Chicken16 oz Water
2 oz Lettuce
6pmHome6 oz Chicken16 oz Diet Rite
4 oz Lettuce
10pmHome3 oz Deli Turkey16 oz Diet Rite
7 oz Tomato



4 Responses to Week 10 – PSMF Diet and Resulting Weight Loss

  • Tom C says:

    Hi Dave,

    what are you going to do to maintain the weight after you finish the diet? I did pure Atkins for about a year, but that’s all I could take. I lost 60 pounds, but put them right back on once I stopped the low-carb and went back to “normal” eating.

    What’s your plan?

  • Donnetta says:

    I read alot of blogs about people putting the weight back on after losing weight regardless if it was considered “fad dieting” people have been known to put on weight once gone through surgery and months of therapy and instructional sessions with nutrionist. Its a mental state of mind you have to be prepared to lose the weight and make a life changing committment. Pure and simple there is no way around this. If you do not incorporate a change of what you put in your body and exercise at least 4 x a week you will never be healthy. That’s the bottom line. Make a mental change!

  • Dave says:

    Since going off the diet a few months ago I did put a little weight back on. I figured I would. I got down to 175 and within a few weeks I was back up to 185 and have stayed there. I have been more aware of portion size and other then that I have not done anything that would be considered dieting. I have enjoyed a bowl of ice cream when I want one, etc.. I do want to get back down to 175 so my plan starting this evening will be to go back on the diet to drop my weight to 165 to allow for the 10 lbs that will go back on right away. Additionally, my little used Treadmill which got moved out onto the back porch is being brought back into our Bedroom and I will be using it for 15 minutes in the AM and another 15 minutes in the evening. I’ll probably add a little bit more exercise (pushups, situps, etc…) but nothing extreme else I would probably not maintain it.

  • Dave says:

    In the ensuing months since I went off the diet my weight came back up a bit from the low of 175 to a stable 185. I’m going to go back on the diet this evenign with a goal of getting to 165 so that when I come back off I should see my weight rise to 175. I will be coupling that with 15 min in the AM and 15 min in the PM to using my treadmill.

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