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Not often that someone actually brings a SuperCar out to do an HPDE1 event.  Yesterday (5-2-09) was one of those times.  The husband had done the school in this car – Ferrari F430 (he is now driving an M3 in one of the race groups) and he had his wife take the class with the car too.

I actually like instructing females in the class.  Unlike the guys they don’t tend to allow their egos to get in the way and think they can drive fast.  Rather they work on their technique and as they get comfortable and their confidence incresaes so does their speed.

In the first track session we only got as fast as 55 in the oval and about 80 down the front straight.  In the second session she got her speed up to 80 (while passing another car) in the oval and hit 100 down the front straight.  She had fun and the car was quick and the sound of the exhaust was awesome.


[media id=15 width=320 height=240]

Top Gear evaluates the F430 Coupe and Spyder

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