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Fate or Path?

My Cousin posted an interesting observation and question on his site.


My comments back as to God and Fate were

From my own beliefs formed within the traditions of my specific Christian sect.

He is not his own son (that is just made up Nicene Creed doctrine with no prior foundation).

While he is concerned he also gave us free agency to determine our own path (not fate).

If we are his “children”, and I believe we are, then for what benefit would it be for use to be forced to do something and have our lives be determined by predetermined fate. That provides no learning.

Therefore if we are learning and gaining in intelligence during the short period we are on this Earth is the purpose to then die and do nothing by lay around in paradise for Eternity playing harps? That’s stupid.

It will be to incorporate what we learned here and add more knowledge in the next phase of our existence

Bill questioned back with..
Hmmm. Apparently the word “fate” has been reformulated to infer something other than what I intended it to mean. What is my fate? That which lies at the end of the path I choose for myself. Path? Fate? Same thing. What’s the next phase of our existence, Dave? Who can attest to this?
To which I replied… 
I did not (and do not) see that you had redefined the meaning of the word “fate”.

Fate specifies that regardless of your action or inaction that the end result is predetermined. That is the polar opposite of being able to determine your pat…h and consequences through your own choices.

I do not believe that God has predetermined our fate. Even in my own tradition God did not predetermine Christ’s path. He could have chosen the path offered by Satan in the Wilderness.

Do your choices determine your fate? Nope. You could decide to go to law school. Does that mean you will be a lawyer or sit on the Supreme Court? Not hardly. You could get hit by a car on the way to class. Did your choice determine that fate? Only if by choice you include your the car you were driving and the road you were traveling on. Maybe the person that hit you was also on their way to school and were studying criminal justice to become a Cop. Was it their fate to cross the centerline and hit you head on? Only if you include their inattention to look down and pop in a different CD.

Path is the culmination of the totality of your journey. Fate (if you believe in it) takes the choices that made up the journey out of your hands rendering the choices meaningless.

Next phase? I know what my tradition, faith and belief indicates are the possibilities based on the choices I make on my path. Will that end up being reality? I don’t know. I am willing to to take things on faith.

If I have a road map that says take Freeway X to reach City Y and I have never been to City Y before do I know for sure that I will arrive at City Y? No, but I head down the entrance ramp to the Freeway in the belief and faith that I will arrive at my desired destination.

Can someone “attest” that City Y is really where I will end up? Sure. Do I know for sure? Nope. I have to take their “testimony” with faith that what they are attesting to is true.

Some people beleive their parents when they say the stove is hot. Others have to test and burn their fingers.

If live is determined by fate why bother living?

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