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Call me Commodore…

Two boats does not a fleet make – but it does make a Squadron!

Added a new boat this past week.  I occasionally check Craigslist for Sailboats and the other day I found another Force5 listed.  This boat was located down in Sierra Vista and I was not about to make a run that far to look at a boat.  Emailed the owner and asked if he ever came up to the Phoenix area.  He replied that he was headed through here the next day on his way to Flagstaff. I told him no promises but I was interested.  The next morning at 6am here was at my door.  Bought the boat and trailer for a reasonable price.

The hull number on this boat is AMF18992M74I.  Which means that this boat was built in September of 1974.

My current boat is just a few months older (July of 1974) with a hull number of AMF15360M74G.  AMF built about 12,000 Force5’s so the serial numbers of these two boats show them to be  3,632 boats apart

The lines for the Cunningham and the Downhaul were missing while the line for the Vang is too short to be useable.  No big deal.  I’ll make a quick trip to West Marine to replace all the lines with new and the boat should be ready for a shakedown cruise out to Tempe Town Lake.

Next up will be to build a top bunk on the trailer to carry one of the boats inverted (deck-to-deck) with some support bars between the boats to cary the masts and booms.  Then I can sell the  bigger powerboat trailer that the Red boat is currently sitting on.


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  • Robert says:

    I just acquired a Force 5 here in the San Francisco area. The sail number is 1264 and it is labeled AMF, Alcort Division. I haven’t found the hull number yet, where should I look? It seems to be in OK shape, my initial impression is that it won’t be a difficult project. I plan to sail in Ensenada Mexico, Donner Lake near Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco Bay.

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