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Weight Loss Goal!

Started this process on the evening on 2/2/09 at a weight of 216 (Dr.’s office scale = 214 at home) with a goal of reaching 175 on my home scale.  This morning I made it!  The drop from 216 to 185 went fast.  That last 10 lbs took forever!.

2/23/09 5/9/09







[media id=16 width=320 height=240]

The measurement around my “waist” (mid point between my sternum and my belly button is 39″ and the Doc would like this to be at 38″.   She said rather than work to a weight goal I need to set it to the measurement goal and then let that be the weight goal to try and maintain.

We’ll see.  Another inch is probably no big deal so I’ll stay on the diet for a another week or until the inch comes off. Which ever comes first.

3 Responses to Weight Loss Goal!

  • craig kenyon says:

    Great job, but the photo is errata data. The photo makes you look grayer (like I have any room to talk). But 40lbs less will make the Kart faster! Ok OK, you can speak to this…. folks who spend an extra $2000 on a bicycle (total $4000) because it’s 20 oz lighter but the rider is say 20 lbs over weight?

    Really though, fantastic well done!!! You have demonstrated excellent mental discipline.

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