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Week 4 – PSMF Diet and Resulting Weight Loss

Protein Sparing Modified Fast

The following table lists the meals I had on this diet and the weight that the scale showed in the AM (before breakfast). 03/14/09 – 03/20/09

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2 Responses to Week 4 – PSMF Diet and Resulting Weight Loss

  • jab says:

    Just starting similar program today. Almost the same weight 209 with about the same goal. It looks kind of daunting. I won’t be able to eat all my meals at home. Any tips?

    Great work – keep it up.

  • Dave says:

    Thanks for your comment. I’m 34 days into the diet and I’m down 27 lbs. 66% of my goal.

    What diet are you doing? Is it Doctor supervised? Quite a few of the attorneys at a Law Firm client of ours did this diet and had great results. I’m using the same Doc and program they did.

    I see that you are in Phoenix. One of the Attorneys that did this diet used the services of a caterer that the Doc recommends. He supplies 3 meals a day for 7 days at a cost of around $125.00. You meet him once a week to get your weekly meals and are good to go. He really liked that service. I thought about using it but decided not to as I wanted to really get a grasp of the portion sizes. I have been about the same weight for quite a few years so my basic diet has been “ok” I just needed to be more aware of portions so that I can better watch them when I come off this diet.

    Actually this diet has been EASY! As for not being able to eat at home (granted that does make it simpler to control) depending on what meals you have to eat out may make it a bit of a non-issue.

    If it’s just primarily lunch then I would not worry about it. You will find that your not really hungary and are just eating to eat and keep your metablism working.

    Eat a bit bigger breakfast and then dinner. For lunch what I have done (when I thought about it) was to take a hardboiled egg along with a couple ounces of Deli Roast Beef with a mustard packet. That and a 16 oz bottle of Crystal Light or a Diet Rite soda and I was good to go.

    As you can see I have a bunch of recipes on here in the PSMF Category. Feel free. I’ll be posting some more too.

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