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Taming the Shrews

The overwrought gnashing of teeth by those on the left over the possibility of SCOTUS striking down ObamaCare is beyond borderline psychotic.

When a shrew like Marueen Dowd writes something as inane as “accountable to no one once they give the last word” in referring to the Justices it just shows how dumb and desperate they are.

Hey, Maureen, you might want to take a look at the Constitution. The ENTIRE document.  Then you might notice that neither SCOTUS, POTUS (or his teleprompter) have the final say.  Who does? Well the answer can be found in the fact that if we don’t like something in the Constitution WE THE PEOPLE can amend it (unless of course you live in California where their Court can tell the population to pound sand – but I guess the lefts desire for DEMOCRATIC action only extends to action they agree with)

Try that and let’s see how many Americans really want to give complete control of our lives and choices to Politicians.

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