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Self professed “Conservatives” ripping “Moderates”

For those “nominally” on my side of the Political Aisle who rip and castigate as “Moderates” and not listening to the “Founders” those that understand the requirement to attempt compromise while still seeking to advance a conservative philosophy.

Consider this about the “Founders”. Great Britain certainly did not view any of them as “moderates” even thought they certainly had issues and differences among each other.  Just read the reports from the Continental Congress hashing out the Declaration of Independence. The Founders did NOT speak with one voice concerning the foundations that were laid down to establish this Nation.

Some were firebrands intent on rubbing King George’s nose in it and others did want a more moderate approach. In the end they worked to reach a compromise in the very language that birthed this Country.  Including moderation in language that resulted in the bloodshed of thousands of Citizens just a few short decades later.

So consider that when you rip your fellow travelers on the “right” because those on the “left” don’t view any of us as “moderate”. They view us all as barely one on step away from wearing jackboots and brownshirts.

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