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Sailing – Back on the water

Years ago (ok decades ago) I used to sail a Force 5 sailboat made by AMF around the Savannah. GA area.

For the past many years I have been racing and instructing high performance driving but have always harbored the idea of getting a sailboat.  Since the wife gets motion sick (even gets queasy in elevators) it does not make much sense to get a big boat so I have been casting about for a Force 5.  I’ve looked at a few but they were either too beat up or the price was too much.

Finally found one that ended up being less then 4 miles from my house.  Hull # AMF15360M76G

A Force 5 is the same size as a Laser (boat used in Olympic competition) but whereas the Laser only carries 76 sq. ft of sail a Force 5 carries 91 sq. ft.  Quite a bit more sail and therefore more speed.

Cool videos of Force 5’s underway




Cool video of Laser’s at speed


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  • craig kenyon says:

    A college buddy had a modified Laser. He put a block on the top of the mast (sail pocket modified to fit). Two up and some good wind, the jury rigged spinnaker would pull the pole until it looked like a pole vaulter. My dad had a AMF Hilu, lateen rig. Pretty robust but it too got bent. Fortunately, the dealer replaced the mast free of charge(…never seen one like that). Go Sailing!!!!

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