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Health video idea

Submitted this idea to the guy behind the great videos at Political Math

1. Total US Population
2. Number of the “uninsured”
3. Subtract out those that don’t want to buy insurance (have the money but don’t want to buy it, young and invincible, etc…)
4. Subtract out the “undocumented”

This leaves the actual number that the charity of a government/public benefit might be applicable too.

5. Subtract out the number that are already eligible for public health care but have not signed up for whatever reason

Now we have a number that we can deal with.

What is the esitmated number of individuals and families in that group?

What would the cost be to purchase a typical individual or family HMO type health policy for that number?  Compare that pile of pennies to how big the pile of pennies that Obama, Pelosi, etc.. are trying to push.

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