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Diet Change

Since stopping the PSMF Diet back on 5/17 (91 days ago) I have done nothing to maintain the diet.  I figured that I would put some of the weight back on and wanted to see what would happen.  I was down to 175 when I went off the diet and within about a month I had put the expected 10 lbs back on and was at 185.  I have been bouncing around that weight ever since.

The new goal is to jump back on diet for a few weeks coupled with some moderate exercise to get the weight down to my original goal 165.  The exercise regime will consist of a brisk 15 minutes walk on the treadmill in the morning and the evening along with 10-20 push-ups and sit-ups.

Once hitting the goal weight and coming off the diet I will maintain the treadmill regime to see if that keeps the metabolism buring to slow the of gain to the 175 and then to maintain that weight.


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