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BYU Sports Videos from the 1980’s

I was a cheerleader during the 81-82 School year but after my mission and returning to the “Y” I was a cameraman for KBYU for the 84-85 school year. These 8 videos are from that time period. Enjoy…


[media id=41 width=320 height=240]
BYU Football Sports video from the Early 80’s

[media id=42 width=320 height=240]
Another Sports Video from BYU that we put together back in the early 80’s. This one features many of the sports teams at BYU. Video was set to a Van Halen song.

[media id=43 width=320 height=240]
This video was never completed “back in the day”. The music the clips was set to is Van Halen’s “Panama”. Maybe that is why we never finished it. ;->

[media id=44 width=320 height=240]
A clip cutting back and forth between the final seconds of the BYU v SMU and BYU v Notre Dame games from the 1980-1981 school years.

[media id=46 width=320 height=240]
This video is about the WAC Championship BYU team from the mid 80’s. It was set to a Bryan Adam’s song

[media id=47 width=320 height=240]
Another video put together by KBYU to promote BYU Football

[media id=48 width=320 height=240]
Sports Video put together for the BYU Women’s Gymnastics Team back in the mid 80’s

[media id=49 width=320 height=240]
Fun video and song poking it’s finger in the eye of the detractors (like Bryant “Fumble” Gumble) that put down BYU Football and their mid 80’s Quaterback Robbie Bosco during their undefeated season

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