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Anti-Mormon drivel

It amazes me the time, energy and effort that the the hate-fill Anti-Mormon’s put into trying to tear down my Religion.

In the wake of Romney’s “Religion in America” speech the looney’s have really come out in force.  Reading the postings and especially the comments on Townhall.com one would think it was not a site for politics but a site to discuss Religion.

This morning Kevin McCullough posted an Anti-mormon “Hit Cartoon” from Youtube on his site and said…

“This clip explaining the origins of humanity from the Mormon perspective is over 626,000 views already on YouTube alone. AlterNet (a religious site) and HotAir (a news/pop culture/politics site) are presently linking to it.”

As if somehow saying that this guy over here is saying something so it must be true or that since six hundred thousand people have looked at it must be true.

I posted a comment that reads…

This video is 100% anti-Mormon.

Back in 1980 when we were living in Savannah (I was in HS and Dad was stationed at Hunter Army Air Field) my Mom brought home an Anti-Mormon book that a “concerned” friend at work had given her. She and I had a fun an enlightening evening going through it laughing out loud at how disenginious this hate-filled diatribe was.

We took that Anti-Mormon book and all the Source material it referenced and compared them. Were the words of the Anti-Mormon book to be found in the Source material? Sure. However, the context they were trying to force the words into was nowhere to be found. Sometimes it would be a sentence followed by an ellipses then another sentence. Problem was those ellipses represented compete sentences and/or words that conveyed real meaning

If I did the same thing with my words in the first paragraph above I could get them to say:

“Mom brought home an Anti-Mormon book that a “concerned” friend had given her. She and I had… an enlightening evening going through it…”

The “words” are indeed what I wrote but the meaning is entirely changed.

Same with this “video”.

Kevin, I am dissapointed in you. Shouldn’t you have made even the pretence of checking on the athentiticy of it before posting it on your site? What’s differenent about the way you presented this then what the “Left” did in saying Rush called any soldier that disagreed with him a “Phony Soldier”. A thimble of truth can be poured into a 50 gallon drum, but it does not mean that the 50 gallon drum is filled.

The amount of hate and dissinformation is truely stark.

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