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Korea BusinessWorld Magazine

Years ago I was a Reporter/Copy Editor for Korea BusinessWorld Magazine in Seoul.  I found a stack of old issues and decided to scan and put the pages I wrote in these issues into PDF format.

The size of the PDF’s are rather large as the article portions were scanned at “actual” size with a B/W DPI suitable for OCR if I wanted to do so later.  The Covers and Mastheads of each issue were scanned at a lower color DPI and resolution.

October 1988 (size = 19 MB)

November 1988 (size = 10.2 MB)

December 1988 (size = 15.1 MB)

January 1989 (size = 33.1 MB)

February 1989 (size = 14.5 MB)

March 1989 (size = 19.5 MB)

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