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Every so often I amuse myself with a nugget of thought.  Just a post to keep some of them around.

  • It’s always funny when someone tries to use their resume as a debate point. Had a “Conservative” History Prof that has taught some Legal History classes try this on me this evening during a debate on ConLaw. I wonder if he would fall victim to that ruse himself if Laurence Tribe, actual ConLaw Prof at Harvard, played it on him?
    Yeah, I don’t think so either. That ruse is a sure sign of a weak argument
    Not sure if that falls under the debating fallacies of “Ad verecundiam” (argument that appeals to revered authority) or “Ad misericordiam” (argument that appeals to pity)
  • Your freedom to yell through a bullhorn or bang a drum ends were my window panes begin.
  • Just because the MSM in deciding “All The News They See Fit To Print” does not report it a tree still did fall in the forest.
  • Did Cain harass those women? No idea. But it is funny to see the Press convulsed in vapors and fainting spells because according to them Herman is black and the women are white with blonde hair so therefore Conservatives would hate him.
    I wonder if those same reporters happened to notice Clarance Thomas’s wife, Ginni?
    Sure wish the left would stop with their incessant race-baiting.
  • Watching you try to form cogent thoughts is like watching someone wolf down a bowl of alphabet soup and attempting to arrange the mush of letters into words as they pour forth from their bowels in a stream of explosive diarrhea.
  • What they really want is to turn the Founding Fathers into their own Fantasy Football team but on an ad hoc basis bringing players off the bench as needed and sending them to the showers when they hold positions that don’t match.
  • When reaching out to turn off the alarm is like swimming in a sea of molasses you sure wish that the snooze button had a half hour option.
  • Gotta love lemonade that is tart enough to make your temples pucker
  • It is hard to suppress the laughter when you see someone sprain their brain.
  • So how many “When did you stop beating your wife” type questions can Joy ask? Tune in (or not) to find out.
  • Together they might generate enough brain power to light a match
  • Pondering the random intersections and interconnections of life.
  • I have repeatedly pointed out how they and Ron are so selective in their memory of the founders that the gerry-mandered borders they create around them would make a California congressional district look downright sane.
  • Paulista’s just continue to show they can’t play long. Instead of staying in the game with bunts and singles advancing runners arond the bases they want to keep swinging themselves into the dirt trying to reach the fence.
  • For my misguided friends that follow the AZ Cardinals. Who needs Social Security or a 401k when you can fund your retirement by always by always betting against them.
  • thinks it is adorable that those on the right that lampoon Obama’s “Hope & Change” rhetoric are willing to buy the snake-oil called the FairTax while completely ignoring the reality that a current Congress cannot bind a future Congress.
  • Probed by the Government, Bankers or Aliens it’s all the same. They get you in the end
  • “punching small holes in the scrotum rather than making an incision” does not make the procedure sound any better
  • Many of those standing at the Bully Pulpit use the Pulpit to be Bullies.
  • Compared to Obama, Jimmy Carter was an optimist
  • If OWS really wants a revolution they just might want to consider which group is armed. Tea Party or OWS?
  • Billboard for the UofA along I-10 in Phoenix and next to an “Adult Bookstore” saying this is “Wildcat Country”. They need to rename it the “Pussycat Lounge”
  • Religion is not in the business of proving anything. Religion is based on Faith. The problem with modern Science is that we have been educated to believe that science proves anything. It does not. Science only establishes current understanding.
  • It is to laugh. To be accused from the “left” of being a “tea-bagger” and from the “right” of being a “lib” and that I ought to move to Castro’s Cuba if I don’t like the States.
  • Voice mail should not be a 6.5 minute monologue.

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