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Wonder where they learn it?

This evening Lori and I had to run over to Walmart to get some poster board for a school project my oldest daughter is working on.  While Lori was getting the poster board and some school paper I was flipping through the posters at the end of the isle.  I came across one of a guitar and some classic guitar chords and was using one finger to “mark my place” while I flipped through the rest of the posters because I wanted to show it to Lori as a possible stocking stuffer for our son for Christmas.
A lady in her mid-thirties with her male “spawn” in tow barged up from the other side of the poster display and shoved them closed on me (my finger was still marking my place).  She then proceeded to ignore me (I had not taken my finger out of marking my place), as I stood there dumbfounded, and flipped through the display herself!  Stopping to “ooh” and “ahh” with her brat at the cartoon posters for Dora, Cinderella and other assorted Disney orphans (ever notice that ALL Disney main characters are either orphans or don’t have a mother – Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Little Mermaid, Nemo, etc…) for a poster her female “spawn” might like in her room.
When she finally got to where I had my finger still marking my place and she continued flipping through the display at which point I had to remove my finger if I wanted to keep it attached to my hand.  When she got done browsing the posters she stepped to the side of the display to look at a sheet of smaller versions of these same posters.  I then started to pick up where I had been forced to stop.  But noooooo….  Her demon male “spawn” charged back around to point out one of the posters.  In doing so he stepped on my foot with his sneakers (I was wearing flip-flops) and slammed the posters shut where I was looking at them to find the one he wanted to show his “mother”.
She then proceeded to tell her demon spawn that he “shouldn’t be rude” and “should wait his turn”.  Wonder why I didn’t think to tell her the same thing.

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