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Small Boat Sailing Class

I’m doing a small boat sailing class for the Scouts in our Ward (about 5-6 of them).

First night was this PowerPoint presentation I did (includes some videos).

The second night I towed the boat over to the Church and we carried the Hull, spars, sheets, sails and rigging into the Cultural Hall with the idea of rigging the boat in there since it was dark outside and not having to worry about any wind grabbing the sail.  Ended up that the ceiling in there was not tall enough to allow the mast to be raised!  Missed it by about 3′.  Did as much as we could in there then hauled it all back outside and fully rigged the boat on the trailer under the parking lot lights and there was no wind to speak of.

This afternoon the Scouts are coming over here to the house and we are going to put the boat in the pool and have them practice capsizing and righting the boat.  Figure the controlled environment here along with close proximity to “shore” with towels, our firepit and glasses of Hot Chocolate will make for an easier time.

Then when we go to the Lake to actually sail we won’t have to work on that exercise and can just sail the boat instead.

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  • craig kenyon says:

    Hey, did you give them the aero theory of airfoils and how a sail is a camber adjustable airfoil? How about the physics of center board and rudder? What about traps and diapers? Slot effect with 100% plus jennies. Is this a multihull or a mono? Righting the boat in a pool, please. It is only fun when both sails are seriously full of water and 2 feet below the surface, that’s righting for ya! How about pitch pole effects of assymetric multi hulls. Hoo ya. Anyways, the up side is I figured out how to leave a reply. So, hats off to Nedd Ludd, a towering leader from Leicestershire.

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