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Politicians say “I” if things go right, and “they” if things go wrong

With all the observations and criticism about Barack continuing to spike the ball over the anniversary of the OBL takedown and seeing this comment on a friends FB post

“leaders in the military are taught “I” if things go wrong, and “they” if things go right, only to have politicians say “I” if things go right, and “they” if things go wrong? That is TOO big of a fundamental difference between the two cultures!”

It reminded me of another old paper I had written back around 1984 that was entitled “Criminal Negligent – Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs”.  The Professor teaching this History class was a HUGE JFK fan and was constantly allowing her political slip to show. To tweak her a bit (ok, more than a bit) I wrote this paper for the class. It had to have irridated her no end to read it and in the end grade the paper and A

Criminal Negligent: Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs

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