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Oldest American Human Poop – Debunk Global Warming?

The interesting thing that struck me with this AP story was the fourth paragraph.


“Humans are widely believed to have arrived in North America from Asia over a land-bridge between Alaska and Siberia during a warmer period. A variety of dates has been proposed and some are in dispute.”

This poop is only 14,000 years old which is a mere blip in the geologic record of the Earth.

Therefore I would love to hear the global warming alarmist address a couple points.

It is believed this poop was deposited in that Oregon cave by a Human that crossed a land bridge between Asia and North America and that this land bridge existed during a “warmer period”

That leads me to wonder did Humans 14,000 years ago have SUVs, Factories or huge herds of cow’s farting to create the “greenhouse” gasses to cause this warming and if it was a “warmer period” shouldn’t the polar ice melt have caused the sea levels to rise so that a land bridge would not have existed?

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