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Evangelical Atheist misses the point of Christianity

It is fascinating to observe an Atheist with an evangelical zeal.

It is quite enlightening to see how perverted that Atheists understanding is of what animates a “Christian” with a statement like, “I’m more concerned about people whose morality is contingent on the threat of punishment by some invisible guy in the sky.”

Just as a healthy relationship between a child and parent is evidenced by the child’s desire to please the Parent rather then disappoint the issue is not one of fear and punishment.  Hence the concept of Grace provided by a loving God.

A Child can and often will disappoint a Parent but the Parent will still love the child, do anything to help that child, and make sacrifices of their own comfort to aid that child.  Those are acts of love of a Parent not punishment waiting to be meted out to a child that slips.

This was really an excellent talk on how Grace and how its purpose


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  • Mickey says:

    Best damn vid on the net. Funny thing tho, its over a year old. I ca#2n8&17;t wait to see what this dude puts out once he sees that Obamafucker won. America is Doomed!!!!! Just a special thank you to all you uneducated FUCKS that voted for this shit to NOT fucking change. Enjoy your Obamaphone and welfare you lazy fucks!

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