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My take on SB1070

Since useless Washington Politians WON’T even begin to address the issues and costs borne by Arizona tax payers due to their inaction AND the fact that some Cities in Arizona have turned a blind eye to illegal immigrants estabilishing defacto “sancturay cities” the State was left with the option of picking up that slack.
I would like to see a Guest Worker program.  But one not suseptible to the problems of the old Bracero system that resulted in abuses of those migrant workers.  A functioning guest worker program would provide jobs for migrant workers that “Americans” won’t do but would still allow for those workers to freely move back and forth across the border so that they don’t feel forced to smuggle themselves and their familes across.
It would also reduce the business model for the Coyotes who kidnap, rape and really abuse the illiegal immigrant.
Washington Pols have wanted to do the same thing they did in 1986.  That is, provide Amnesty to those here now with some nebulus promise of border enforcement later.  Problem is that while later comes the enforcement never follows.  This is the standrd MO for a politian.  Do the easy thing today and promise to do the heavy lifiting later.  Sorry, I’m not buying that soap.
Those Pols don’t want to fix the problem because the illegal working on someone elses SSN (resturant, farm, construction, etc…) is paying into the SSN system through withhldings but will never collect.  It’s found money for Washington.
Attrition through enforcement does work.  Dry up the jobs and the illegals leave.  We are seeing that here in the state right now through the downturn in the ecomomy.
Mexico is pissed because the export of their underclass to work here in the US is the second largest source of revenue to the country (behind Oil) and it means that Mexico does not have to produce jobs for them.
I’m no fan of either JD Hayworth or Russell Pearce.  I also can’t stand John McCain.  But to say that this new law is all about racial profiling is just wrong.  For the Police to ask about your immigration status they have to have a reasonable suspicion.  Just seeing someone walking down the street while being “brown” is not reasonable.  Today if an illegal is picked up the Police can’t ask.  So they cite and release.  The illegal of course never shows up in court.  Being able to ask – if they have a reasonable suspicion would allow them to now detain and hand the illegal over to ICE.
Here is an old article from the Center for Immigrant Studies that outlines how Attrition through enforcement works.
I’ve worked overseas on a visa so I know what it means to have gone through the proper channels to work in a country legally – even if some of the things I was doing was illegal.  A proper functioning system would also help address the issues expressed by those native born Americans of Hispanic background who say they will be “profiled”

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