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It’s the Republicans fault

Some food for thought when a knee-jerk Lib castigates either Republicans or Conservatives for tax laws that favor the “Rich”…

Let’s see… The branch of Government that writes the tax laws is Congress. Looking back over the decades since 1952 which party has controlled Congress? Hmmmm…

Over those 67 years the Republicans controlled both Houses only 12 years. However, for 6 of those years they did so with a Democrat as President that had to either sign that legislation into law or veto it. That means the Republicans had control of both the Legislative and Executive Branches of Government for all of 9% of the time.

Over those 67 years the Democrats controlled both Houses 38 years and for 24% of the time the Democrats controlled both the Legislative and the Executive.

The other 11 years saw a split control of Congress with the Democrats controlling the House for 6 of those 11 years. Care to guess which House of Congress is tasked by the Constitution with writing the Tax laws?

So… Since 1952 The Republicans have controlled the Tax writing House of Congress for only 17 years. The Democrats have controlled the Tax writing House of Congress for 75% of the time.

So please tell me again which Party is “all about wealth redistribution, sucking as much money out of the pockets of the working class before they completely destroy it and stuffing it into their own.”

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