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AcidEasy was a process for doing acid washes on swimming pools that eliminated the back breaking aspect of the job.  Resulted in a smoother surface too

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This was a video we shot back in 1995 that shows us doing an acid wash on a diving pool in real time.  We did one half of the pool to sharply demonstrate how green this pool was to start with by in effect doing a before/after

These were the instructions we had prepared to go with the sprayers

Instructions For the AcidEasy Sprayer

As with any way of acid washing some stains will not respond to the acid. The acid sprayer is only a tool to help you apply the acid to the walls and flour quick and easy We at acid easy accept no responsibility for any damage done with the acid. Their are many ways to do a pool the 14 steps bellow are suggestions to help you get started.


When you get your AcidEasy sprayer it should include tank with attached pump hose and wand.

Acid wash suggestions:

1) Drain pool

2) Hose plaster down

3) Set AcidEasy sprayer on the deck in the middle of the pool

4) Fill tank with 3-5 gallons of water and a pint of AcidThick additive

5) Pour from 4-6 gallons of acid into tank

6) Fill the tank the rest of the way with water. Do not get motor wet

7) Some spa defoamer might be needed if the tank is full of suds

8) Plug in AcidEasy to a G.F.I outlet

9) wet plaster

10) Stand back 6 to 8 feet from the wall

11) Open valve and coat pool with acid solution starting with the walls

12) Spray can be adjusted from stream to fan depending on stains and pool size

13) Hose off plaster

14) Coat stains a second or maybe a third time depending on response

15) Bushing is usually not needed use spray psi and multiple coats instead

16) To clean, run a full tank of fresh water threw hose


Must have rubber boots and rubber gloves

Must wear protective eyewear

it is advisable to wear protective clothing and a respirator

Don’t :

go stronger than 1:1 acid to water solution

get motor wet

spray towards anybody remember acid is corrosive


always plug into an G.F.I. protected outlet

pump out solution as you go with a sumpump

always use an anti-fume anti-etch acid additive

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