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A Great speech on the Debit limit and moving forward…

Rubio shows he is a force for the future.

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Sound of a Sick Kart

So after a one year and two month layoff from kart racing my son decided he want to stat running again.  He started racing when he was 9 and at 16 decided he wanted to take a break.  After running for 7 ytears I think most of us would want to take a break.

Well just prior to calling a halt last year  had purchased a new pump around setup (converted carb and dual fuel pump setup) to replace our stock carb using a TrackMagic “MagicCan” setup.  We figured this was part of the problem we had at Sandia last year.

Installed the new carb setup, checked the kart over, replaced the brake pads, bled the system put fuel in it and headed to the track.

First session lasted two laps until he brought the kart in complaining that 1st and 2nd gear were fine but that the kart fell on it’s face when shifting to 3rd.

Checked the fuel system and determined that the issue had to be a problem with venting and that the new dual pump setup was over pressurinzing the system.  Added a bigger vent tube and overflow catch tank for it.

Back out for the second practice session.  Same problem.  Back to the pits to work on the issue some more.

This time we addd more wire ties as we thought maybe we were sucking air into the system.  Checked jetting and while we were a bit “fat” I did not want to add a “lean burn” to our issues since the day was looking like it was going to be a test session rather than an actual race.

Also did not bother with adjusting gear ratios!

Back out for the third session.  Seemed a bit better except the muffler came loose from the pipe and rather then keep running an cause damage he brought it in to the pits for me to look at.  Fixed the muffler and sent him back out to finish the session.

Back in the pits I checked the plug for color and it was very wet.

Pulled the carb.  Lowered the needle, changed the pilot jet, kept the main jet, replaced the throttle cable and adjusted the pipe bracket (which had caused the pipe to seperate from the muffler).

Lined up dead last on the grid for the race.  We had NEVER been in that position before.

At the drop of the Green Flag we we NOT left for dead.  The wholesale changes had transformed the kart.  Tyler was able to work his up the grid a bit and finished in 10th place in the 125cc Shifter class.  A long way down the grid from what were are used to but at least the weekend was salvaged and hopefully we will be back up the grid at the next race in 4 weeks.

The camera on the kart was pointed too low but here is a few laps early in the day when we were fighting the probem.  You can see Tyler raise his hands in frustration and signal that he is going slow.

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TR Club Trip to Arcosanti

Nice fall weather, dirt roads and sportscars and a day out with your spouse!  Can it get any better?

Truer words…

I picked up PJ O’Rourke’s new book _Peace Kills_ the other day (adding to my extensive collection of his fine writing) and this morning picked it up and read the dust jacket.  If the little bit I read on the front flyleaf is  indicative of the rest of his book he appears to be in fine form and ready to discuss US Foreign Policy.
While this example is too easy in that it is like “shooting fish…” I had to share.
“…French ideas, French beliefs, and French actions form a sort of lodestone for humanity. A moral compass needle needs a butt end. Whatever direction France is pointing – toward collaboration with Nazis, accommodation with communists, existentialism, Jerry Lewis, or a UN resolution veto – we can go the other way with a quiet conscience…”
That humor aside I urge you all to stop by your local bookstore and read the last chapter in this book. It is entitled:
Postscript: Iwo Jima and the End of Modern Warfare

July 2003
A very moving and heartfelt piece of literature about his thoughts walking the island while filming a documentary.
Now I will read the rest of the book this week and while I know that PJ can twist a rhetorical knife far better than most I look forward to seeing if he has learned to cause a lump in the throat in the rest of his book as well as he did in that last chapter.

Political Quiz

Pretty “interesting” little test. http://franz.org/quiz.htm

I took the test twice and got scores of 27 and 30.  To the right of GHW Bush both times, but to the left of Jack Kemp the first time and the same score as him once. Which I thought was cool because I supported him back when he made a run for the Presidency (before he was Dole’s running mate).

Lori, took the test and she got a 26.  While we were on opposite sides of some of the more “incendiary” topics on this “test” we don’t have real strong political disagreements.

The following quiz by Victor Kamber and Bradley S.O’Leary appeared in the October 28-30, 1994 issue of USA Weekend.

Before you vote in the next election, take this quick, surprising quiz to see where – and with whom – you really stand.

As I said months ago…

With Bush’s win last night I won one steak dinner bet that Bush would beat Kerry and I will have to wait until the end of the month for the absolute final numbers from the States to see if Bush can move his popular total (meaningless) of the vote above 52% (I favor the EV system for the same reason I would not call for a change in the Senate rules on the 60 vote filibuster rule) to see if another steak dinner bet will pay off.
Last numbers I saw this morning were
58,787,327      51.56%

55,225,764      48.43%

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But as always we will have underestimated him and he will beat our french-looking candidate with a much bigger than expected margin. You read it here first.