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World’s Shortest Endurance Race

Driving a rented Mazda Spec-7 car for a scheduled Endurance race at Phoenix International with Arizona Sports Racing Association back in 2000.

Blown radiator hose at +100 mph down the front straight into turn 1 with water all over the windshield and the tires makes for a pretty sucky day.

Race Report originally posted on 12/15/2000

In light of the complaints dealing with no race reports here is my report from the ASRA (Arizona Sports Racing Association) Enduro held at Phoenix International the weekend before last. This was alluded to in my last post.

I normally run a vintage 1958 TR-3 or more recently a Formula 500 neither of which would be fun or safe to run in a endurance event.  For this event I rented a Spec RX-7 from HAsport (see their ad in SportsCar) and talked a friend who normally only runs Street Class groups with his Jensen-Healy into also renting a car for the event.

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Bernie on Europe

Saw this quote today from Bernie Eccelstone, the guy that runs the commericial aspects of Formula 1 talking about Europe.
“…Ecclestone suggested that other European races may not be quite so safe, however. “We’ll probably lose races in Europe,” he said. “I suspect Europe will have a third-world economy within the next decade anyhow. European politicians have taken the wrong direction in their thoughts.
“Maybe we won’t have to cut races, Maybe some European GPs will disappear on their own….”